Saturday, 4 December 2010

301st Post. crazy ain't it?

that's her pretty lil sister in orange

hello readers. i don't know if i have anymore readers. well, i don't care, this is my blog where i let my heart out. so, i've decided to quit editing pictures that i'm going to post because i know i won't be posting any if i wanted to edit them. so, ready for some pictures?! yay! anyways, did you know my dearest cat Bobo has turned 1 last month on 26th November. he's a big boy now, wants to go out and checkout some girls in the block LOL! let's have a look how he grows over the year.

most days he'd sleep like this

favourite past time

some days, he'd look just so handsome and manly

and some days too, he'd look like... this.

oh, if you must know... i've already deactivated my Facebook. i just couldn't take it anymore when some fuckers would just like to jump into my life whenever she/he wants. god, do you know how annoying you are? like, whenever she/he's in needs and then she/he starts to bug people around her/him and doesn't take no for an answer? you know what, FUCK YOU. honestly, i miss Facebook but it gives me a peace of mind so that's okay. no Facebook means more time for Youtube and Blog. =)

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

School has never been this crazy.

hello there. okay, i'll be lying if i told you i don't have the time to update. it's just that, i refused to update unless i have some pictures to upload. i do, i do have lots of pictures to update but i couldn't be bothered to edit them with Adobe Photoshop in my Windows. i barely switch on my parallel, ever heard of an old saying "once you go Mac, you never go back"? LOL! yeah that's what happened to me.

will upload some another time. for time being, let's talk about school and what comes after school. i'm less than 2 months away from finishing my HND. goodness, how time flies! it feels like it was just yesterday when i had that crappy orientation. anyway, as per title... life has been crazy with school works. this is by far my most hectic school season especially with fucking Business Project around the corner. i just hate that unit to the core, i'm just not into investments and all. i hate the words securities, bonds, shares, etc.

so, what's next after HND? mum really wants me to get into UBD to further my study. thing is, i don't want to. not that i want to work too, but i just don't want to study as well. on a second thought, i think i'd prefer going back to school rather than going to work. tau kamu kah tu perasaan ku ah? i don't want to work, i want to do something else. i don't mind if i have to attend night class to learn about investment and get rich. i'm going back to school if that what makes my mum happy, tapi what's the point of going to school when i don't want to work? oh yes, the point is to make my mum happy and go "yeah, she's going to UBD now". whatever, i just can't wait for December.

see you!

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Kaminomoto; Hair Growth Accelerator

girls love having long hair to play around, that would include me. i really wanna keep my hair long but then something came up (e.g dry frizzy hair needs to be chopped) so i couldn't really keep it longer than my bra strap LOL! just last week, i was catching up with a dear friend who desperately wants to accelerate her hair growth. her hair looks just fine to me, she's just not used to having shorter hair yet. so, she's just started using hair tonic called Kaminomoto. oh yes, i should have asked her review on the product by now. will update on that later.

kali kan, gatal ati ku kan manjangkan rambut tah ku jua hahaha. and i bought it for B$23.00 at Guardian. i've been using it since last week on Tuesday, 17th August. i measured my hair from the parting to its end and it was 15inch and just yesterday, i measured it again. guess what? my hair has grown to 3 INCHES in LESS than A WEEK. i can't believe it myself but i don't think i made a mistake on the first time i measured it. well, i'll try to make an update again next week. but really, it really looks like it has grown so much. i am oh-so-happy!

i hope my hair is longer and healthier by Raya. i decided not to come anywhere near hair saloon for time being especially when Raya's around the corner. but no promises as hair saloon can be very tempting. the reason for this is, i'm trying to minimize my expenses on everything until April 2011... because you know why? i have a shopping trip to die for with my babes! okay, i'm spilling out too much now. see you on the next post!

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Selamat Berpuasa everyone!

hi! wow, two posts in a month. that's an improvement. improvement, my ass. i'm not having any class today so i'm just gonna rot in bed while waiting for Sungkai. i'll be having Sungkai outing later, haven't decided where but i have Manjaro in mind. how's your Puasa so far? or should i say how's your Sungkai so far? hehehe. i love to know what people have for Sungkai, as for mine... it was okay, they were mostly homecooked meals.

i'm just gonna show you some pictures of what i ate recently, just to tickle your liur Puasa. but before that, i want to share my experience with you about buying foods from Facebook. yes, the pictures could be intriguing that convinced me to buy 4 individual size of lasagna and what they called crispy garlic chicken. when i said intriguing, i meant the lasagna looks very appetizing baked to golden brown and the crispy garlic chicken looks as big as fishballs. sekali di liat, the chicken thingy damit nya macam 20 cents coin saja. but i was still keeping my hope up high on its lasagna pasal di liat arah status nya ani macam laku wah ia berjual atu. sudah sungkai, makan tah ku... very little meat, little sauce (i bet ia pakai lada kisar), thick lasagna sheet. please, jangan tah kau berjual lagi. it tastes like shit. i'm not kidding you, please refer to me before you're buying any lasagna from Facebook. so, who says pictures don't lie? well, they do these days!

alrighty, now time for some tickles.

my very own Bubur Jagung Manis with gula melaka. yum!!

Sheperd's Pie, thanks @MyoguriAimi for getting me the recipe. double yum!

a friend's girlfriend cheesecake. had it during promotion, fluffy and generous with cheese

jacket potatoes (potato jackets?) baked them yesterday

oh, i made my own recipe cards from scratch. glued with kain sarung at the backside.
you can have the copy of file here, just delete out my name =)

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Past Holiday and New (Final) Semester.

hello! i know it's been ages since my last post LOL! i thought my magic was back and apparently it doesn't. so, what's to update? i'm actually scratching my head right now because i don't know where to start. okay, let's just start with my last couple of months of holiday. no, actually it was almost 3 months of holiday. good god, first few weeks were boring as hell. then, i tried to tune up with my sleeping time, filled myself with something to do and i only started to enjoy my last two months of holiday. i actually finished with some of my long pending series which had been in my hard disk since... forever. i finally done with Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, my all time favourite LOST and currently i'm still watching How i Met Your Mother and Cougar Town. well, i still got some more other series in my hard disk. nanti tah ku mengabiskan.

i also did some beading for my baju kurung. didn't know it was fun but of course, tiring at the first place. it's actually my long overdue baju kurung that i've worn couple of times and just got the chance to bead it. the only thing i hate about sewing is to tie off the knot, i just don't have any idea how to. i'll try to upload a picture of it soon.

okay, beading is one of the few things i was proud to do while i was on holiday. guess what else i did? i jailbroke my iPhone myself. yes, myself!! it took couple of days to do some researches and asked myself if i was sure about it. it wasn't that bad afterall. there is no need to spend $B60 on such things. my iPhone just working great.

and sometime on July, the best thing happened. Farah, my sayangest cousin was back home in Brunei. we definitely spent quality time together, misti jumpa at least once a week LOL! hey babe, it's really nice having you back here... inda jua ku lantung lantung di rumah. i sleptover at your place, you sleptover at my place and we sleptover at Nanah's place. i wish time travels really slow at this phase.

this is baked cheese carrot cake. it was quite a failure but we made
a little bit improvement and it tasted better than the original recipe.

not to mention, i also baked for my own happiness LOL! oh, i've just realised i didn't actually bake my favourite chocolate chips. how in the world could i forget! will post some pictures soon too.

it's August now, nomore holiday. i have to get my ass back to school on my new (final) semester. study hard, play harder jua lah macam last semester and look what i've got... nada yang membanggakan langsung hahahah. it's my first week since holiday, some of our lecturers are not back in action yet. so, sambung cuti lah and here i am making a post in the morning. this is when the idea kicks in, liat lah karang patang if i'm still rajin to upload some pictures. you know how lazy i could be.

see ya around readers.

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